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Anti-Gear Review

I’m going to do an odd take on a gear review post. Instead of telling you why you should buy a camera or even give you the pros and cons of each camera, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t waste your money on that shiny new, top of the line camera.

Let’s pick on the top of the line Sony DSLR, the Sony A7R II. In-body image stabilization, 48 mega pixels, dynamic range second only to the Nikons and 4k video recording, what’s not to like? Well I’ll give you a $3200 reason not to buy it - it costs $3200.


You know what, if you live in the US, you could take three separate trips, to three different national parks for that kind of money. What’s gonna be a better picture, the sunrise at Mount Rainier with a Sony a6000 (or whatever camera you have now) or the sunrise from your backyard with a Sony A7R II?

Don’t mean to pick on Sony, the same can be said for the Nikon D810 or the Canon 5DS R. The thing is, the camera you have right now is good enough. Unless it’s some ungodly old piece of crap, it will do!

Going to other worldly places or just shooting more, makes better pictures, not more expensive cameras or lens, so go forth into the wilderness (or street - I hear people like taking photographs of things other than landscapes).