California - Landscape Photography From California

Landscapes from Southern California, from Mammoth to Malibu.

Otherside Of Mono Lake - Came to Mono Lake for the South Tufa but the setting sun decided to light up the clouds behind me.

Mesquite Red Sunrise - Caught a couple of other photographers on Mesquite Dunes.

Purple Waves - Sequit Point

Frozen Lake Sabrina, overlooking the Eastern Sierra.

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California. Taken a bit after sunrise, towards the other side of the dune field.

El Matador Waves - Liquid purple waves at El Matador State Beach, in Malibu.

Eureka Shadows - Some shadow interplay at Eureka Valley, Death Valley.

Mesquite Sun Star


Badwater Sunset - Large thick clouds that got lit up at sunset, on the Badwater salt flats, at Death Valley.