The Milky Way from Mount Rainier National Park. Took this a good hour after the moon set. The large bank of clouds just below Rainier started to dissipate a little.

Mt Rainier Moonstar - Got lucky and had the inversion layer move below me just before the moon set, leaving a nice bank of clouds.

About as clear as it got on the skyline divide trail, overlooking Mount Baker. You can see Grant Peak, which is a promient false peak on Mount Baker.

Sunrise at Mount Rainier, looking south-east. Got what was left of the cloud bank during the night, in the frame.

Cloud swept Mount Baker, in the morning. Looking at Grant Peak to the east of the true summit.

Taken looking the opposite direction of Mount St Helens. Got some nice stormy looking clouds at sunset as consulation for the clouds covering up the St Helens crater.

Mt Rainier at sunrise.