The Narrows

I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated as trying to plan and actually hike the Narrows, in Zion National Park. With an unusual warm front in about the whole the country this winter, there has been a large amount of snow melt coming this February. That meant the Narrows was closed for for a while as the water flow exceeded 150 cubic feet per second,  I complain but at least I wasn’t in California dealing with the 200 year flood.

The thing is, not only do you need a low water flow rate in the Virgin River but also some nice sun beating down into the canyons in the Narrows, for good photographs. I got one; the slow flow rate but got jibbed on the sun.

You know what though, it was my first time in the Narrows and it was an amazing hiking; an almost empty slot canyon, wading through a reasonably fast flowing river, in the cold February waters. I didn’t really get any great pictures but I got something better, an amazing experience.

Sometimes the photograph isn’t worth it; sometimes it’s just worth looking around and being thankful you're not in the dreaded cubicle.

Orderville Canyon - a side hike to the main Narrows route

Why I Hate Gear Reviews

So I need to buy a backup camera having sold my D7000. Let’s do some research then.

Several hours of research and a week later …………….


How the hell have I not made a decision and worse, how am I more uncertain now than before?

It started with a firm belief I was going to get a Sony a6000. That morphed into a Sony A7r, then a Sony A7s, then a Sony rx100 iii, then a Fuji X-T1 and then finally, screw it, how about a Nikon D810 as a backup to a D600????

Why all the indecisiveness? Well, going to dpreview previewing all the high iso comparison pictures, then going to dxo mark and comparing sensor dynamic ranges, then going to and comparing the size and weight of the cameras and then watching endless marathons of youtube camera reviews, I came to the resolute conclusion, that I needed to change to a different conculsion and watch some more reviews and then come to another conclusion and so on and so forth.

You know what the endless crap show of camera reviews online doesn’t tell you? It’s that there is sample variation to various degrees in all these cameras and lenses (well does tell - good for them!), not to mention the inherent bias in the all the reviews out there.

I wasted a week and I’m pretty sure I’m buying a Sony rx100 iii, and you know what, choice-supportive bias will mean it’s the best back-up camera in the world.