Rise & Shine

Having trouble getting up early to go and hit the trail, for that morning sunrise glow? Well I don’t, but rather than just bragging, why don’t I?

I think the main reason is that I’ve spent such a long time planning, sunk a bunch of money and used up a large amount of my PTO (paid-time-off), to take one of many sunrise shots during my trip, that I feel more than just obligated but compelled to wake up and hit that creepy trail in the dark and catch sunrise.

When I plan a trip, the trip is centered around sunrise and sunset shots. I don’t plan a trip and shot on the fly; the priority is on the sunrise/sunset not on relaxing, or spending time with the family on vacation. I know the common objections to this; what kind of vacation is that, it’s not just my vacation but my family's, I don’t have the time to plan, etc.

They are valid objections but if your goal is for a killer sunrise shot, then you’ve got to accept it’s probably not going to happen. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun on your trip taking travel snapshots or just lounging by the beach.

One of things I hate about taking photographs during sunrise and sunset is that I don’t really get to enjoy a spectacular location with the perfect light. I’m fussing with my camera, thinking if that focal length is perfect, if I need to bracket, if I want to take a panorama...... blah blah blah. With that being said I’m going to purposely miss a sunrise/sunset or two and go running at a normal hour or just relax at the hotel.

I’m going to take a page from everyone else and have a touch of a normal vacation, so see you at the beach!